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Promoting our CFOC works with new works project signs

When Caring for our Country (CFOC) representatives visited the WCMN in March 2012, they highlighted the need for more signage on fences and gates around the district to promote the important works being done by the WCMN and funded by CFOC. These works projects include revegetation of previously cleared woodlands, fencing to exclude stock from good quality remnant woodlands, pest animal control, weed control and habitat restoration works.


In keeping with CFOC’s recommendation, the WCMN has designed a new series of works projects signs, which will be coming shortly to a fence or gate near you!  

There are seven different CFOC signs - the Woodlands Revegetation Project sign is pictured:


The Woodlands Revegetation Project is working to restore our Box Gum Grassy Woodlands, which are listed as critically endangered under Commonwealth legislation. These revegetation projects usually involve planting tubestock or direct seeding previously cleared land with indigenous canopy and understorey species.  This sign will appear where revegetation works have taken place. 

The Fencing Native Woodlands sign indicates that the property contains good quality remnant native woodlands, which have been fenced off to exclude stock. Reduced grazing pressure allows natural regeneration of important woodland species to take place. 

There are three different Weed Control Works signs – Wheel Cactus (pictured), Bridal Creeper and Gazania. To help people identify the target species, each sign has a photograph of the weed in the top right-hand corner. 

There are two Pest Animal Control signs - Red Fox (pictured) and Rabbit. The WCMN conducts an annual fox baiting program in Wychitella Nature Conservation Reserve (NCR) to protect breeding Malleefowl and woodlands remnants.  The WCMN also carries out warren fumigation to reduce Wedderburn’s rabbit population. Rabbits contribute to declining habitat quality by grazing on native vegetation.


While not funded by CFOC, the WCMN is also revamping the design of the existing Malleefowl Habitat Restoration Project signs. At A2 size the new signs will be larger and therefore more visible to passing traffic. These signs will be erected when works are undertaken around Wychitella NCR that will benefit the local Malleefowl population, either directly or indirectly. 



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