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New Malleefowl roadsigns for Old Boort Road

Good news! Old Boort Road in Wedderburn now has its very own set of Malleefowl roadsigns to warn northbound and southbound motorists of the presence of Malleefowl along this road. These new roadsigns complement the signs that have been in place along Wedderburn-Wychitella Road for the past couple of years.


The new roadsigns are located in the vicinity of the Maxwells Road intersection to the north and the southern entry to Wallaby Way at the south. The location of the roadsigns coincides with the start of the Mallee vegetation along Old Boort Road which is vital to our flagship species’ ongoing survival in the Wedderburn district.


The Wedderburn CMN would like to send out a huge thank you to Daniel Lloyd at Loddon Shire Council, who generously arranged for Council’s road patrol crew to erect the Malleefowl roadsigns free of charge. Thanks Daniel, and thanks Loddon Shire!


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