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St Arnaud Field Naturalists visit the WCMN!

On Sunday 26 August 2012 the WCMN hosted a field day for members of the St Arnaud Field Naturalists Club. Peter Watts led the group on a visit to an active Malleefowl mound at Wychitella NCR and gave a great talk on his observations of local birds. The group were especially keen to discuss his experiences with monitoring the birds using motion sensor cameras.


After lunch at the Skinners Flat Reservoir picnic area, Jeroen van Veen od Australian Bush Heritage led a tour of the Nardoo Hills reserve, where the group observed several rare plants and discussed management issues. They then participated in a tree planting exercise on the reserve.


The day was a great opportunity for members of both organisations (WCMN and Field Naturalists) to come together and share their experiences and knowledge.

The group visits an active Malleefowl mound

The group speaks to Jeroen van Veen at Australian Bush Heritage's Nardoo Hills Reserve


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