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Eastern Barn Owl harassment

Thanks to Robyn Sharp for the following photos and description.

We were alerted by a couple Council chaps that an owl was being attacked by Ravens & Maggie's.

 We tried to chase off the attackers and catch the Owl but had a lot of difficulty they were going to kill it.

 The Owl managed to go into the paddock out back and the council boys caught it, and took it to the wild life person, Denise, and she took it home to recover.

 Phoned her last night and she will check it again this morning to see if any injuries, then she will hold it for a couple days then release it.

It is true that owls need to find somewhere secluded to roost during daylight as most owl species will be attacked by other birds if they are found on their daylight roost. This Barn Owl is an Australian bird but it also occurs on every continent except Antarctica. 

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