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Thanks again to Robin Sharp for this contribution

Photo 1 – Shows Dad trapped between the fence and house, he could not spread his wings to fly.

Photo 2 – Shows Dad, 2 fledglings and Mum, Dad died not long after this was taken.

Photo 3 - Shows the young male on our door step asking for help.

Mum could not look after the 2 young and as Charlie was the youngest he was kicked out.

Photos 4 & 5 – he had recovered enough to fly back to his trees.

Photo 6 – He was back again, so we sent him to the wild life carer.

He came back again about a week later much fatter.

Being released from the card board box he had been in all day, as we had to let him go at dusk.

Photo 8 – Charlie and his mate, Charlotte.

Photos 9 & 10 – shows his first family, 2014.

Photos 11 – 12  Shows this years family, 2015.

Charlie & Charlotte on their own at last.

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