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NATURE POSITIVE ..A Global Goal for Nature

The global goal for nature came out of a recognition by many organizations that a simple and measurable global goal for nature was urgently needed to align and drive all sectors in society, business and governments to contribute to that goal. 

The objective of the global goal for nature is to clearly signal to national policymakers, markets and the public the level of ambition and collective action required to tackle the biodiversity crisis and secure human health, well-being and livelihoods in the long-term and in the next decade.

Since the development of the global goal for nature in 2019, leaders from across society have rallied behind this nature-positive ambition. In December 2022, the world adopted this ambition level in the historic Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, with governments committing to a number of goals and targets to halt and reverse biodiversity loss by 2030.

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